Steam Traps

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Specialized Expertise

Steam Solutions brings you the widest range of steam trap configurations in the industry—along with the technical expertise and field services it takes to keep your system running at peak performance. Our specialists know steam systems inside out, always specifying the ideal trap for your application. We also go beyond just product sales to provide custom engineering, installation, maintenance and repairs. 

  • Automatic Differential Controllers
  • Bimetallic
  • Clean Steam Traps
  • Disc
  • Float & Thermostatic
  • Free Float
  • Inverted Bucket
  • Orifice
  • Superheat
  • Thermostatic
  • Trap Valve Stations

High-Value Surveys

Steam Solutions can perform a comprehensive, facility-wide steam trap survey that will improve your steam economics and can lead to millions of dollars in annual energy savings and improved system production. This process includes an extensive site visit by a Steam Solutions engineering team, advanced field measurements and observations. It also entails steam flow and condensing rate simulations and volumetric loss projections, equipment specification, line sizing observations and a comprehensive steam trap condition report. 

On-Site Management

Steam Solutions can even place a team of steam specialists on-site to help keep your steam system optimized 24/7. Embedded at your facility, our Asset Managers tackle hundreds of steam system optimization tasks, from routine maintenance and repairs to spare parts management. The result is significant energy savings, more process throughput, better safety performance and less risk of unit downtime. 

Automated Monitoring

We can also install real-time steam trap monitoring systems that alert your team when something isn’t working properly. This technology—Sage™ by Armstrong International—delivers convenient, precise data regarding steam system asset performance, giving you smart utility-related alerts as well as the documentation you need for better overall system economics. 

  • Comprehensive steam system support that includes design, installation, maintenance, repair and in-house asset management
  • Variety of configurations including inverted bucket, float and thermostatic, bimetallic and more
  • Range of product capacities from 10–300,000 lbs/hr and up to 5,000 psig
  • Recommended configurations based on your facility’s specific approach piping, condensing rate, elevation, orientation and other factors
  • Large-scale, plant-wide installs or simple replacements
  • Complimentary steam trap field support for facilities with a current Master Service Agreement for traps under contract


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