Ensuring Safety, Comfort and Compliance

High velocity service streams can create unacceptable levels of sound, and silencers play a critical role in attenuating and filtering that unwanted noise. As a licensed distributor of Stoddard silencers, our product line includes practically every kind of silencer for any application—from rotary blowers and vacuum pumps to engines and high-pressure gas and steam vents. All with the engineering experience and responsiveness to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it. 

Keeping You in Compliance

Today’s OSHA standards—coupled with a spike in noise-related insurance claims—require employers to administer an effective, robust noise emissions program. Steam Solutions can help customize your program, performing sound attenuation surveys and on-site audits to ensure noise emissions are reduced and in compliance. We can also custom-engineer noise management solutions that address not only flow-related noise, but also mechanical, vibratory and other dBA sources.

Finding the perfect product

With unparalleled industry knowledge and experience that spans 90+ years, Steam Solutions carries everything you need to silence excessive noise. A Steam Solutions representative can work closely with you to determine the exact frequencies that require attenuation. We can specify, provide, install and service silencers for any application, while determining the frequency spectrum of a sound source and eliminating resonant frequencies. We can even make recommendations without visiting the site. 

  • Solutions for any frequency, including applications for engine exhaust, blower intake, vacuum pumps, turbine inlets & outlets, HRSGs and more
  • Engineering expertise that ensures proper selection for volume, flow rate, pressure, temperature, required certification and other system factors
  • Units available in a variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and specialty alloys that fight corrosion and other operating stressors
  • Durable units built for low maintenance and long life—even under high-pressure conditions
  • In-depth experience working with engineering teams, end users and integrators, providing silencers for combined equipment packages


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