Heat Tracing

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Steam Solutions can design, equip, install, maintain and troubleshoot any aspect of your heat tracing system. We offer the niche engineering support, hardware and field expertise it takes to avoid common heat tracing pitfalls—so you can optimize heat tracing performance for efficiency and reliability. This includes designing your heat tracing infrastructure from the ground up, working closely with EPC and facility engineers to map out a system that maximizes production.


Calling Steam Solutions to handle your heat tracing means bringing on a team exclusively focused on thermal performance and economics. We’ll catch the little things many others might overlook, and verify that every component, run and connection lives up to the highest field standards. Because even the best hardware can hold you back if it’s not properly deployed in the field.

  • Steam or electric tracing systems for vessels, piping or equipment
  • Total system design, specification, installation and maintenance
  • Sample line and analyzer bundle tracing
  • Custom engineering and installation for your application
  • High-quality products from leading manufacturers
  • Superior installation by experienced heat tracing specialists
  • Manifold-to-Manifold™ coverage of your system
  • Applications for sulfur, resid, asphalt, heavy crude and other critical processes


When it comes to heat tracing, Steam Solutions offers complete plant-wide coverage for any steam or electric application from process piping to tanks. This includes bare and pre-insulated tubing, manifolds, steam traps, valves, headers, connections, mounts, insulation and more. All sourced from the best brands in the business and available in a variety of temperature classes and technical configurations.

In the field, our crew makes certain that heat tracing components are installed correctly—from avoiding loops and sways to ensuring analyzer bundle performance. We also bring an extensive understanding of your plant’s specific process requirements to the job. From heavy crude to sulfur to asphalt and more, we know what you need and can help optimize every aspect of your system with precision.


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