Condition Monitoring

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Equipment monitoring systems that help minimize potential problems

Steam Solutions offers a range of condition monitoring systems that can help operators stay on top of steam trap conditions, addressing problems before they become more critical or costly. We offer three different models of steam trap condition monitoring systems that keep you connected to real-time operating temps, equipment skin temperatures and steam trap acoustics.

Each of these installed systems continuously monitors various aspects of steam trap performance, alerting when temps or noise fall outside of pre-set parameters. Through the early identification of failing traps, operators can save millions in energy savings, downtime avoidance and additional production. We can install and monitor these systems on a full-service basis, and currently monitor a number of installations across the Gulf Coast.

  • Comprehensive, flexibly designed monitoring systems that integrate with your DCS, BMS or cloud-based asset software
  • Non-intrusive sensors providing real-time status of equipment
  • Flexible systems that are easy and affordable to install and capture data allowing for comprehensive system-wide performance analysis, as well as remote data monitoring
  • Optional teams that can execute and manage these programs as part of an onsite asset management initiative
  • Rapid payback period: Improved KPI include reduced mean time between failures, less energy loss and lower environmental impact

The Power of Data-Based Decisions

Condition monitoring systems deliver real-time alerts that provide precise information on performance metrics and critical process monitoring. These systems give up-to-date measurements of critical operating KPIs such as operational status, temperature, fluid flow and more—all so you can take immediate action. Steam Solutions service crews are always on-hand to help follow through with repairs, replacements or troubleshooting when needed.


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