From Refineries To Breweries And Beyond

The attributes of high-performance steam and hot water systems vary widely by application. Steam Solutions offers expertise in every type of commercial or industrial steam system imaginable.


Chemical Plants

Many chemical manufacturing processes demand high-purity steam to drive component separation and chemical reactions for products such as olefins, polyolefins, aromatics, and synthetic gas. In some chemical plants, steam systems account for more energy consumption than any other system. Our efficient designs, quality products, reliable services, and active management deliver significant upside across the facility.

Paper Mills

Problems with pulp and paper steam systems incur twofold costs—disrupting both the turbine generator’s feedstock supply as well as essential process machinery such as dryers, presses, pumps and more. With an integrated approach to mill production and power infrastructure, we leverage our knowledge of these systems to identify dynamic points of optimality between them.

Power Plants

Superheated steam generated within coal, natural gas, or nuclear facilities must be dry to fuel turbines reliably. Excess moisture in this high-pressure steam causes expensive, disruptive corrosion and pitting damage—both within piping systems and on turbine blades. We ensure dry, high-quality steam and condensate recovery that keeps these units strong while recycling maximum sensible heat.


Well-designed and maintained steam generation and distribution systems are integral to modern petroleum refining. Steam is intrinsically safe within these complex process environments, and when performing well, these systems help optimize operating efficiency and maximize production. Steam inefficiencies cause heat loss and suboptimal flow—sometimes even freezing lines and causing unplanned shutdowns.


Food and Beverage

Both the Food and Drug Administration and 3-A Sanitary Standards demand hygienic, high-quality steam for cleaning and sanitization—as well as sustaining kettle temperatures during processing and pasteurization. Steam Solutions can design, install, operate, maintain and optimize your system in a way that protects both process equipment and product.

Education + Government Facilities

Steam systems play an essential role in the operation of university campuses and government facilities of all kinds. Utilities within these complexes must run nonstop, and without fail, to support thousands of functional roles. From classrooms to research laboratories to military bases, we help support these critical systems, so they can support the individuals and institutions that count on them each day.

Healthcare Systems

Heating and hot water systems comprise a critical part of a hospital system’s utility infrastructure. By helping medical facilities maintain sanitation, sterilization and patient comfort they directly enable the organization’s mission. These systems can also have a surprising impact on the bottom line. Steam Solutions helps healthcare institutions make the most of their system from design to maintenance.

Commercial Real Estate

Efficient design and proper maintenance of your buildings’ steam and hot water system helps better control heat and energy. This translates into both warm, comfortable buildings and significant energy savings that helps minimize operational cost. Whether heating with liquid or vapor, Steam Solutions can keep your properties and people at peak productivity.

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