Rotary Joints

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Helping facilities run more profitably through system-wide expertise and streamlined component design & manufacturing

Steam Solutions delivers total system-wide expertise for precision selection and custom design of rotary joints and components. Our specialized rotary joint expertise helps maximize both uptime and efficiency, from custom engineering to fast-track fabrication. And if you entrust Steam Solutions with your rotary joint installation, we’ll give you an industry-leading warranty against workmanship and material.

We can specify, size and optimize your rotary joints for any steam or process system. We can also provide complete steam system support—from ensuring full steam flow rates and condensing rate calculations to helping accurately size the joint, siphon and other components.

Single Source Expertise

Whether pulp & paper or food processing, low- or high-speed systems—we offer a complete line of rotary joints that can seamlessly integrate into your facility. Every product is composed of high-grade material—superior quality steel, cast and drop forged parts, bearings and seals. Our roots in rotating equipment product supply go back more than 90 years, so we’re uniquely qualified to serve as your go-to expert.

Custom system design

Steam Solutions can design and deliver a more effective and efficient rotary joint system that improves operational and financial KPIs. With a combination of laser scanning and 3D printing, we’re able to rapidly prototype—getting you online ASAP. New design or replacement component, Steam Solutions makes it easy.

  • Design, provision, installation and maintenance of rotary joints
  • Wide range of speed, pressures, temperatures and media
  • Full customization of systems and components for maximum efficiency
  • Laser scanning and 3D printing for fast-track prototyping
  • Replacement of out-of-production rotary joint systems and components
  • Total system coverage, including siphon, insulating sleeve, journal adaptor and approach piping


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